*In case of power or water outages that are expected to last more than a few hours, Southern Pine Electric Power and Rose Hill Water Association have agreed to send a text to my cell so that the dogs can be cared for. These utilities understand the value and special needs of my breed. SPEPA 601-698-9573 Rose Hill Water Association 601-727-5095

1. The dogs are not left for more than 8 hours at a time without the arrangement for someone to check on the power, their well being and to make sure they have been fed and have clean water.

2. We have 2 backup generators and fuel in case of extended loss of power.

3. In case of fire, we have hoses and fire extinguishers. Fire Dept 601-727-5223

4. We have a backup water source in case of extended loss of water which consist of a running creek on our property.

5. In the event of a severe storm, doors are to be closed and dogs that become easily upset, are pregnant or elderly will be placed in covered crates until the storm passes. We do have an automated weather alert system.

6. In the event of extreme winter weather, the kennel is heated. If there are power outages, we have adequate blankets and bedding to keep the dogs warm. We also have generator back up.

7. In the case of extreme heat, the kennel is air conditioned and has fans. If there outages, we have generator backup.

8. In the event of evacuation being needed, we have adequate transportation, crates and dog's will be transported to Oxford, MS to Toby Tubby Kennels.

9. If a dog is injured or ill, our vet is available and lives 3 miles away. Dr Ashley Bentley 601-776-5326 or cell 601-768-0125. If we are unable to reach Dr Bentley. Our backup vet is Dr Lisa Ainsworth 601-785-6910 or Dr Rick Kirby 601-825-1697.

Emergency Contact Numbers
Kathy Harris cell 601-917-9301
Daniel Smith (Family) 601-917-6719
Sherry Alwell (Kennel Help) 601-692-3808