Hilltop Bulldog Kennel reserves the right to refuse stud service to any bitch without reason or explanation.
We can ship cooled semen worldwide. Shipping cost runs between $75-$100/shipment in addition to a one time stud fee.
We only breed our studs to healthy, AKC registered bitches who have had a least one prior heat cycle and exhibit quality in conformation. Bitch owner must agree to place all puppies resulting from breeding to our studs responsibly. Puppies will not be sold to brokers, pet stores or puppy mills. Puppies that have serious conformational faults will be sold with spay/neuter contracts.
Due to our busy show schedule, we can not always provide board & breeding here at our kennel. Bitches can be boarded, if needed, at Clarke County Animal Clinic, which is located in Quitman, MS. Our vet, Dr Ashley Bentley, is an experienced Bulldog vet and her clinic offers serum progesterone testing, boarding, AI or surgical implant at a reasonable rate. We deliver semen or board the stud dog at her clinic when needed. Bitches that are to be bred at our kennel must be healthy with no s/s of illness or communicable disease. Please make sure your bitch has been wormed and is up to date on all vaccinations including kennel cough which is dangerous to pregnant females and young puppies.
If the bitch does not conceive, a repeat breeding is offered one time within the next calendar year at no charge (other than shipping cost if semen is to be shipped) provided the bitch had progesterone testing prior to breeding to time her ovulation. We do not believe vaginal smears are a reliable test to determine optimum breeding time. One live puppy does constitute a litter. The repeat breeding is not transferable to another bitch. If the stud of choice is unavailable at the time of repeat breeding, a substitute stud dog will be offered.
Bitch owner is responsible for all veterinary charges related to the progesterone testing, breeding, care of the pregnant female, c-section and care of the puppies. Hilltop Kennel accepts no responsibility for any health issue, congenital or otherwise, resulting from the breeding of our stud dog. Bitch owner is soley responsible for any health issues in offspring resulting from the breeding.
*** Please call or email if you have any questions concerning stud service.
*** Stud fee must be in the form of a money order, cashiers check, postal money order, money gram and must be received prior to the breeding or shipping of semen. We do not accept puppies back for stud fee.
By signing below owner of bitch and stud agree that they have read and understand the stud service contract. Any dispute in which litigation occurs will be carried out in the court of Jasper County, MS.

Signature of Bitch Owner__________________________________Date__________
AKC Name & Number of Bitch Being Bred_________________________________
Stud Service Fee______________Date Paid_____________Signature Of Stud Owner
Acknowledging Payment Of Fees____________________________Date__________