Male Puppies Sold With Full Registration Contract

We do not routinely sell puppies with full registration or breeding rights. There are certain stipulations if we decide to do that. We expect the owner of the intact dog to abide by these stipulations and high standards regarding breeding of their dog.

1. New owner agrees to refuse stud service to a breeder or person who intends to breed "rare" or nonstandard colors like blue, black, black and tan, seal, lilac, chocolate, sable, merle or any variation of these colors. These colors are not accepted in the AKC standard for French Bulldogs or Bulldog puppies and are merely mutated genes. Many rare color genes are also associated with health issues. Blue dogs with skin issues and merle with eye deformity. Merle is not found historically in the DNA of purebred French Bulldogs or Bulldogs so dogs exhibiting merle coats are not purebred.
2. New owner agrees to refuse stud service to specimens that are of poor quality. If you have a questions about the quality of a preposed breeding, I am available to offer my opinion. Ask for a pedigree if they have one.
3. New owner agrees to screen prospective stud service customers by interview and questioning regarding their female, her pedigree, their plans for the puppies. We do not breed to people who are suspicious of being puppy mills or sell to pet stores. Ask how many dogs they have? How many litters they have a year? Check their social media and ask for a vet referral. They must also agree to the stipulations in #1 or #2 if the intend to sell their puppies with breeding rights. They are welcome to use this contract if they do.
4. If this dog is sold, he will first be offered back to us. If we do not take him back, he must be sold without papers or with limited registration status. The owner will transfer the papers to the new owner only after the limited status has been imposed by AKC. If you have trouble understanding how to do this, I am available to consult.

We obtained our breeding stock from some of the best breeders and kennels in the world. These dogs and their pedigrees are highly protected and none of the breeders want to find their dogs listed on the pedigree of a puppy mill dog, a pet store puppy or an off color (rare) colored puppy. We put our reputation at stake by intrusting you with full registration.

By signing below, the new owner agrees to abide by this contract. If the owner does not abide by the contract. The AKC registration papers on said dog will be forfeited back to Hilltop Bulldog Kennel. The fee of $20 dollars will be imposed to have papers returned to the owner after AKC limits the registration.

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