NuVet Plus is a dietary supplement that helps build and maintain a dog's immune system. So many problems start when your dog's immune system is compromised by illness, stress or age. I have only been using NuVet for a short while. I started using it at the recommendation of my show friends. I had a young show dog with a viral wart in her eyelid. It had been frozen and burned off by my vet on 4 occasions and always came back within a week or two. Since starting NuVet, the wart has not returned. Her immune system was able to fight off the virus. I also had a dog with intergital cyst who had developed a fungal infection between his toes, this has cleared up with NuVet. I tried it on a pregnant female and her milk was excellent, she lost very little coat and recovered much faster. Her pups were strong and healthy and gained weight quickly. Puppies were started on NuVet powder mixed with their weaning gruel. I recommend NuVet to anyone with a dog, but don't take my word for it, try it for yourself. You won't be sorry!
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