Pictured below are dogs that we have had the privilege to have either bred or finished.
Ch Hilltop's Hula Talulah
Ch Sir Ikenhimer
Ch Hilltop's Tate
Ch Hilltop's Foolish Heart
Ch Toby Tubby's Nobody's Fool
Ch Steelebull Catch Me If U Can
Ch Staley's L&L Oscar
Ch Toby Tubby's Just Ask Me
Ch Hurricane Tank II
Ch Toby Tubby's Phat Chance
Ch Steelebull Guns & Roses
Ch Button's The Innocent
Ch Martin's Whiskey Shooter
Ch Steelebull I Wanna Be A Rock Star
Ch Showtime Remi Martin Of Harding
BISS CGh Hilltop & Toby Tubby's Lil Miss Bodacious
Ch Hilltop & Toby Tubby's Liv'N The Dream
Ch Hilltop & Toby Tubby's Taylor Made
Ch Miss Hicks From The Sticks
Ch Hilltop & Toby Tubby's Bodacious Eye Candy
Ch  Hilltop & Toby Tubby's I Hear Music
Ch Phenix Circuit Breaker
Ch  Hilltop & Toby Tubby's Avalon Adventure
Ch Beulahland's Isaac X Toadhall
Ch  Hilltop & Toby Tubby's Slim Shady